QA490 In-Ear Monitor Tester

QA490 In-Ear Monitor Tester

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May 2022: The QA490 is on back-order, awaiting the TI SN6505B transformer driver. 

The QA490 is an acoustic tester for IEMs. The QA490 is designed for comparing "golden unit" IEMs to DUTs. This means the QA490 can validate the performance of a newly manufactured IEM before shipping, or the QA490 can be used to compare the performance of IEMs over time. That is, you can learn if there's been a shift in performance due to damage. 

The QA490 features a high-current OPA1622 opamp, tightly-spec'd MEMS mics, 10.5mm acoustic ear cups, and a switching network that allows the measurement for sensitivity, frequency response and impedance. A high-gain path relay path (0 or +12 dB, selectable via software) allows the generation of drive levels required for 600 ohm headsets. This ensures you can drive high-Z IEMs (typically 150 ohms) to levels required for accurate validation.

Introducing the QA490